Never miss an update

Businesses run on contracts. Initio’s intelligent alerts,
renewal reminders, obligation tracking, and multi-
platform integrations can break down the barriers
between you and your contracts.

Reminders to the right people, at the right time, to
help you plug revenue leakages, and improve your
business efficiency.


Cut to the chase

Multiple versions, stakeholders, folders and storage
places. Finding the right document to answer a
business question often feels like finding a needle in
the haystack.

A smart contract repository helps you search your
contracts easily. Search across key data points,
metadata, and within documents, all at one go with
one simple search query, to help you find the answer



Address key contract
questions instantly

Critical business answers get lost in mounds of
contract documents, pending requests, fine text
and multiple email threads. Contract Professionals
end up wasting precious time digging and digging,
to answer questions on an ad-hoc basis, and
not querying for answers systematically.

Initio makes it exceedingly simple for everyone to
find the answers they are looking for. Enable your
business users to help themselves to find the
answers they need with saved views using sort and
filter functions, or preconfigured reports giving
aggregate level answers.