Delivering value
from day one

Unlike other major CLM players, we do not outsource
your data migration to third party offshore vendors.

We take qualified paralegals, train them and enable
them to work with inhouse purpose-built tools for data
migration. We do this because we know that this leads
to an improvement in accuracy, precision and speed to
deploy - all good things that bring delight to our



Why before the how

Prospective users often make the mistake of caring
about the how more than the why.

As a discipline, we have trained specialists on our
team who empathise and see themselves in the shoes
of our customers. Our customers in turn are delighted
to find themselves talking more about their problems
and what they need to solve; and that gives us the
confidence to really make a difference in our
customers lives.


Realize your vision faster

Deployments can take a lot of time. Users spend
time just waiting, and service providers go through
iteration after iteration to meet specifications. This
process drives frustration on both sides.

We avoid this painstaking process entirely with an
inhouse tool: Configurator. It’s a state of the art tool
that allows for complex workflows, customisations
and other business specifications to be configured
quickly, almost on the fly. So you get your solution
quicker, and we get to revenue quicker.