Product Help

Can I integrate Salesforce with Initio?

Integrating Salesforce with Initio is possible. You just have to state your
requirement, and our engineers will take care of it.

There are other tool integrations as well that Initio supports, like Workday, Google
Authenticators, and AdobeSign.

You can check out our Integrations page for more.

Can multiple stakeholders collaborate using Initio?

Yes. Our native editor allows multiple stakeholders to collaborate virtually on a
contract in real-time. Negotiate and collaborate with parties without losing track
of any data with our tamper-proof audit trail and version control. Visit our
Collaborate page to know more.

How can I eSign agreements?

For eSigning of agreements, we provide integrations with leading eSign vendors such as:
  • AdobeSign
  • DocuSign
  • HelloSign
  • ZohoSign
  • Leegality

And other custom tools that you wish to have. Visit our eSign page to know more.

How does Initio work?

Interested in knowing how our CLM works? Book a demo, and our representative
will get in touch with you to give you a detailed demo of how Initio works.

Can I delegate work using the CLM tool?

Delegating work with the CLM tool is easy. Initio allows you to create custom
workflows and set a route for approvals, signatures, etc. Visit our Workflow page
to know more.

Can reports be created using Initio?

Yes. Initio has simplified the most tedious task every legal team had to go
through, and report creation is now just a few clicks away. With our smart
dashboard and custom metric cards, you always have an eye on your data.

You simply have to select the fields you want in your report and the type of
report you want, and you’ll get a downloadable report created in minutes.

Our reporting and dashboard page can help you know more.

Is Initio beneficial for my legal teams?

Yes. Initio has been carefully curated, keeping in mind the heavily regulated legal
industry. Visit this link for a quick overview of why legal teams love using Initio.

Can my sales teams use CLM tool?

Yes. Sales teams across 100+ companies have been using Initio for creating sales
contracts. With our CRM and CLM integration, sales teams feel independent, and
they do not have to run to the legal teams for small bits of help, like creating a

Take a look at the perks of using CLM for Sales.

Can my HR teams use CLM tool?

HR teams use the Intio CLM tool to keep track of every employee from hire to
retire. Creating employee contracts, getting them signed, etc., all can be handled
by the HR teams independently using Initio. CLM for HR will give you an in-depth
idea of why HR teams are not turning back from Initio.

Account Help

How can I reset my password?

To reset your password, visit our Password Reset Page and create a new and
secured password for your account. In case it doesn’t work, feel free to live chat
with us, email us at, or call our customer support team at
(+1) 415 - 489 - 1905

How many people can use one CLM at a time?

Your entire organization can use the CLM platform simultaneously. There is no
limit on the number of screens from which your account can be accessed, which
ensures hassle-free collaboration across the organization.

What browser is best for using the Initio web app?

Initio is highly compatible with all the browsers available. For instance, Google
Chrome, Yahoo, Bing, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

But for the highest performance, we recommend you to use Google Chrome.

Why can’t I log in even after purchasing a membership?

Do not worry! If you are unable to log in to your account, try resetting your
password first on our Password Reset Page.

In case the password reset didn’t work, you can get in touch with our live chat,
email us at, or call our customer support team at (+1) 415 -
489 - 1905

Security Help

Is my company’s data safe with Initio?

Yes. Your data is in safe hands. For further details, you can visit our Privacy

Can I download a copy of my data?

Yes. You can download a copy of your data in these steps:
  • Log in to your Initio account
  • On the top right corner, you’ll find an export button that allows you to export
    your entire data

Data can be downloaded in CSV or Excel files.

Does Initio support 2-factor authentication?

Yes. Initio allows integration with leading 2-factor authentication tools like
Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator to allow secure login into your
CLM account.

GDPR compliant

SOC2 compliant

Quick Help

Can I integrate my existing tools with Initio?

Yes. You can integrate all your existing tools with Initio. Be it Zapier, Slack,
DocuSign, or Salesforce, we allow multiple integrations, so you never have to
juggle between screens and let the systems do the talking.

You can check our Integrations page to know more.

How can I get a demo of your product?

Getting a demo of our product is easy. You just have to follow these steps:
  • Visit our Request Demo page
  • Fill in the required details
  • Click the Request Demo button

After this, our representative will get in touch with you and give you a demo of
our CLM tool.

You can also visit our Product Overview page to know more.

Can I migrate my legacy contracts to Initio?

Yes. Migrating your legacy contracts is possible with Initio. Our legal engineers
will integrate all your existing storage apps, like Google Drive, with Initio to give
you a single source of truth.

With our smart repository, you can also run clause-level searches, which gives
you better control of your entire data.

Does Initio have centralized storage?

Yes. At Initio, we believe in having a single source of truth to avoid any
discrepancies on the data level. Therefore we have a single source of truth in our
CLM tool, which keeps your contract data centralized.

How can I get a quote for the CLM platform?

To get a quote for your customized CLM platform, visit our Contact Us page, fill in
your details, and our representative will get in touch with you.