Work on MS Word or
Browser Base Editor

Initio’s Contract Editor is fully compatible with MS
Word. This means internal and external parties can
continue to work on their platforms of choice and still
collaborate together without platform limitations.

This means all your redlines, edits, approvals,
rejections and comments made on documents using
Initio’s Contract Editor work exactly as you’d expect
them to on MS Word; and vice versa.

initio_editor_img Original
ms_word_img Modified


Team Collaboration in

Invite your colleagues attention to specific clauses in a
contract by simply mentioning their name. Get them to
work on the contract alongside you in real-time.

Comment, edit in track mode, suggest changes, or
seek approval - all from within the Document Editor.


Empower teams to
negotiate at scale

Cater a library of clauses to your users - a library of
acceptable clauses and historically executed
clauses. Define what is okay to proceed and what is
a non-starter. Instantly look up similar clauses that
have been executed in the past, along with similar
clauses that look to protect your leverage and
streamline review cycles with your counterparties.

Governance rules are simple to define, manage and
update; allowing for legal teams to continually
adapt with evolving business practices and bring
better outcomes for businesses.



Automated audit trails

Contracts are hyper sensitive and critical for any
business. Therefore, it is important build, retain and
keep accessible a complete audit trail for any
document that passes through the system.

Who did what, when and how is automatically
recorded and stored as a record, ready for access
any time later. This provides for complete
transparency and accountability within the