Make businesses more efficient,
compliant and reduce their risk exposure.


At the centre of everything we do, we believe in creating delight
- for our customers, our partners, our vendors and for our

Work is more purpose-driven and fulfilling when creating delight
is at the centre of our focus.


Work is not transactions done by faceless people. It is an
organic process - a group of people, referred to as a ‘company’,
who get together with a shared purpose to move forward. They
get sad, happy, distressed, overjoyed; but always unmistakably
human. And humans connect.


The ‘Why’ always precedes the ‘How’. As hard as it may be to
articulate the why, we strive hard to ask ourselves why do we do
the things we do, so we do it better.

This discipline allows us to continuously innovate as we improve
our understanding of the world each day, and everything in it.


We call ourselves a bunch of rebels and counterculturists; in a
world fuelled by seemingly infinite VC money, we bootstrapped
the company with customer revenue.

We doubled down to focus on unit economics, customer
satisfaction, product supremacy, employee happiness, efficient
usage of available resources and taking a long term view. Value
is created by compounding returns, which occurs over long term.

Our Leaders

A lawyer working as a public prosecutor at the highest Court
in India, a software engineer solving deep tech problems for
Healthcare in the US and an economist growing new regions
for the fastest growing hospitallity startup in India got
together in 2018 to build Initio.

Since then, they have built together a committed team
software engineers, legal engineers, delivery and engagement
managers who are excited to change the way the world
conducts business.


Looking to join us?

We are always on the lookout for committed people who
resonate with our belief system. Fit the profile or know
someone who does? Write to hr@initiohq.com to know more
about open positions.

General Queries

For general, press or any other queries, please write
to us at contact@initiohq.com, or call us at +1 (415)